The global reach of our products has benefited organisations across the world.

As well as Community Health Centres, Hospitals and VA’s, Design Specific Equipment is used even at Universities Globally to educate students in the correct method of handling special needs patients.

Thank you SO much John.

Simon was fantastic and got us on track.

A BIG thank you for taking care of us. We are definitely in good hands.

Great Customer Service! 10 out of 10 recommend!

Jennifer H. Ingram

Dental Clinical Manager for:

Eastville Community Health Center and Northampton County Schools

We have one of these Bariatric Dental Chairs also. Ours can also be switched out to accommodate wheel chairs so that the patient does not need to be moved from their wheelchair for treatment. When the dental wing was designed they created a room that is large enough to fit this chair and a regular dental chair. When the patients are scheduled for appointments we have Scheduling Alerts that pop up so that they are scheduled in rooms that will accommodate their needs.


Shelly Boulter, CDA

Clinical Dental Assistant Educator

Eastern Shore Rural Health System, Inc.

Treating patients in wheelchairs is not fun for providers if they can’t be transferred and I feel transferring many patients is not easy due to catheters, fragility etc. We have the Design Specific Wheelchair Recliner with the Bariatric Dental Bench. I think in general it is a very high quality product and in 2 years we have had no problems with it. The support from the company is excellent. Now we don’t have to transfer patients and wheelchair patients do respond very favorably to the wheelchair platform.

Dr Domenic Caluori DDS

Dental Director

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, – 2 Compact Wheelchair Recliners

Prior to having the Design Specific dental operatory wheelchair recliner, it was difficult to accommodate the needs of our patient with wheelchairs or who otherwise could not use our normal chairs.  Having the Design Specific dental wheelchair recliner has made access to care more available to those who it was very limited to prior. The chair is designed well and is easy to use.  The build of the chair is also very nice, I have no doubt that this chair will last many years and provide excellent service to all our patients that need it. 

Peter Steadman

CVCH Dental Provider
Columbia Valley Community Health